Plumpton Rectory

The Rectory was built in 1894 as rectory to All Saints Church in Plumpton Green.

In 1893 Rev Woodward who was Rector of St Michaels and owner of Upper Strollings, donated a parcel of land for a church, burial ground and Rectory adjacent to his house. The Rectory was designed by Mr Denman (the same architect who built the church) and built by William Wells. It was completed in 1894 at a cost of £589. Running water was provided by a new 80ft well, water pipe and pump to the house. On the 1899 OS map it is shown as Church House. In the 1895 Kellys Directory Rev George Begbie is listed as the curate at the Rectory.

All Saints Church and The Rectory were built on land donated by the Woodward family which included a long line of Rectors, curates and church goers. They also owned and donated Strollings building and were very keen to protect future development of the land they had bequeathed the church. The three buildings with the war memorials and Rectory garden form one of Plumpton Green’s most important Heritage Assets. 

There is very little information available about the design of the Rectory until 1932 when it was extended. Below are the designs of the additions.